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31.8.13 18:58

Things I should Love ♥

♥ being skinny

♥ nice clothes

good make up

good music

right attention

♥ inspiring art

♥ nice people

♥ good movies

♥ no stress

♥ doing sports

♥ funny things





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28.8.13 13:17

What´s wrong with me?

I´m only sitting at home and doing NOTHING. Times is going by, and NOTHING changes.


I can´t continue like that. I´m gonna change.

I´m gonna be more positive.

I´m gonna be more active.

I´m gonna be more confident.

I´m hopefully gonna have more luck then.. 

28.8.13 12:55

Update for THE PLAN

- contacting cool people is not easy / not really possible bc idk how to figure out which persons are the ones that i´m looking for.

-  losing weight - big topic! i´m gonna write after this a whole new text about this.. it´s a really big topic to me and i need to focus on it much more!

- styling better - would be possible but is definitely depending on the topic losing weight 

- getting stuff done! yeah.. i still need to. 

- applying for universitys.. i also still need to do. nothing has changed about that yet.


27.8.13 18:27

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