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Alone. So alone. Too alone?

Well I love thinking about inspirations and dreaming about what I like. But I think my life needs to change. I´m too isolated. But the problem is.. if I start being more active again and doing more stuff here.. it won´t be the life I dream of! And I want the life I dream of. No other life. I think for realizing to live my dream I need to find the right people. I´m pretty sure that they are out there.. But where exactly? And how shall I find them???

Idk. But I will figure it out. I will try everything.

I have only about one week holiday left, I really need to use it. There are a lot of things I really need to do. I need to do a list of it, and do it! Maybe I´m gonna publish the list here.. Idk yet. We will see. But I definitely need to start to do something!


27.8.13 15:32
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